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2001 - Street Poles was founded.
2002 - Street Pole changed to Capital Media Ltd.
2004 - COJA : Capital Media’s first biggest project.
2006 - Capital Media launches MI; Commences both OOH & MI operations
  - Capital Media (OOH) becomes OAAN registered.
  - Capital Media (MI) wins MTN media Pitch.
2007  - MI operation wins Eko FM ‘MI of the year’ Awards
2008 - Capital Media (OOH) obtains LASAA certification.
  -  MI operations, renews MTN Media contract.
  - OOH acquired the 1st biggest breakthrough in Clean & Green after COJA.
  - Capital Media (OOH) acquired Maitama Abuja franchise.
2009 - Capital Media (MI) got MIPAN certification
  - Capital Media (OOH) acquired major bus-shelter and Gantry franchises in Imo, Enugu and Abia state.
2010  - Wins City People Media Independent ‘ Agency of the year’ Award
2011 -  Capital Media goes into technical partnership with SpaceGrow Limited




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